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The SitePlayer software is available as a free download here or on a CD through the webstore ($9.95). The applications provide additional tools and examples for working with SitePlayer.
SitePlayer™ Web Server Download

SitePlayer Software Download Includes:


• SiteLinker - assembles and downloads web pages.
• SitePlayerPC - emulates SitePlayer module on your PC.
• Serial Tester - connects PC to SitePlayer through RS232 serial port.
• UDP Send Tester - receives UDP packets on PC from SitePlayer Factory Demo.
• SPControl.ocx - MS Visual Basic 6 ActiveX control.
• Factory Demo - the website files that are preloaded on SitePlayer modules.
• Receiver Demo - sample website files that demonstrate various SP techniques.
• Graphics Library - sample images to use on SitePlayer websites.
• SitePlayer Documents - includes the following documetns:

SPK1 Quick Start Guide; SitePlayer Software Manual; SitePlayer Development Manual; SP1 SitePlayer Module Data Sheet; SPK1 SitePlayer Kit Data Sheet; Philips_P89C51RD2_6; 10 Base-T Filter LF1S022-SPE-3
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