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SP1 - SitePlayer HTTP Web Server OEM Module
The SP1 is an OEM SitePlayer module that requires a carrier board, such as the one included with the SPK-1, with proper serial, Ethernet, and power connections.
• Ethernet HTTP web server in approximately one square inch
• Less than 100 bytes of code needed to interface most devices to SitePlayer
• Real-time dynamic graphics for displays, bar graphs, buttons, switches knobs
• JAVA, C, C++, and Visual Basic programs can monitor and control SitePlayer remotely
• 768 Bytes of SiteObjects™ which can be bit, byte, integer, long, and string
• Data can be input through forms, buttons, or links and received by device processor
• Web pages created using standard HTML authoring tools (not included)
• Standard 10BaseT Ethernet with automatic polarity correction hardware
• Connects to 10BaseT filter or RJ45 with internal magnetics (not included)
• 48K bytes of flash for web pages which are loaded over Ethernet
• Flash firmware is upgraded over Ethernet
• ARP, ICMP, IP, UDP, TCP, DHCP Protocols
• Plug-in module for web upgrades or retrofits
• IP address can be static or dynamic with dynamic obtained through DHCP server
• Serial Port for processor interface baud rates from 300 - 115,200 bits/sec
Item # SP1
The SP1-U replaces the discontinued SP1
SitePlayer SP1 Module