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SPK-1 - SitePlayer Developer Kit
The SPK-1 Developer Kit is recommended for evaluating and beginning with SitePlayer because its carrier board provides immediate access to the module with its Ethernet, RS232 Serial, and Power connectors.
• Development board for SitePlayer SP1-U module
• Ethernet RJ45 interface with integrated magnetics for connection to internet/intranet    through 10baseT hub or 10/100 switch
• Serial DB9 connector interfaces SitePlayer to PC RS232 or to device processor
• Serial data selectable for direct connection to device UART or inverted for PC
• Link Light provides visual indication of proper Ethernet hardware connection
• Reset button allows users to force a SitePlayer module hardware/software re-boot
• Red and Green LEDs can be programmed to provide visual program status
• User push buttons allow the construction of simple user interfaces
• Web pages created using standard HTML authoring tools (not included)
• Serial, Ethernet Cable, and Power Supply included to make it ready right out of the box
• Downloads web pages and firmware upgrades to SitePlayer over Ethernet
• ActiveX OCX included for serial communication to SitePlayer from your own PC programs
• SitePlayer SP1-U OEM Module
• SitePlayer Developer Board
• RS232, Ethernet, and Power connectors
• 120VAC 60Hz to 12VDC power adapter
• Ethernet Cable
• 9-pin Serial Cable
• Quick Start Guide
Item # SPK-1
Price: $79.95
SitePlayer SPK-1 Developer Kit